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"KANIDIS ATHANASIOS & Co" is a ten years old company which serves as a distributor of laboratory products addressed to immunology, molecular biology and pathology labs. It is based in Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city), and has a subsidiary in Greece's capital city, Athens, covering the whole country.

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For the past ten years we have been operating as the exclusive distributor for Northern Greece, of one of the leading distributing companies in the aforementioned laboratories.

We have great experience, not only in the sales of such products, but also in the support of molecular biology and other techniques, as an integral part of our success is the introduction of new techniques into the Greek market and the training of users in them, after we set them up.

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The company's customers consist of a large number of public and private hospitals. My colleagues and I have long-standing business relationships with practically all the immunology, molecular biology and pathology laboratories in the country and vast experience in the dealings of the Greek (very bureaucratic!) public sector. We intend to promote products to all Research Centers and Universities of Greece. Indeed, we know many opinion leaders in the area, which will be useful in the further promotion of our products. .